Not Too Late

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Norah Jones / 爵士 / 2007-01-30


Noarh果然不改天后本色,专辑《Not Too Late》依然延续了家庭作坊式的制作,诺拉包办词曲,其大提琴手的男友Alexander则在一旁协助录音制作等事项。与过往稍有不同的是诺拉这一次表现得更为低调,大碟里似乎找不到像《Don't Know Why》《Sunrise》那样让人一听就疯狂爱上的歌曲,整体的曲调都偏向于平淡。但这并不意味着它不好听,相反,它能让你更快地入局。《Thinking About You》作为去年11月在电台首先播放的主打歌,有和蔼的阳光,有缓缓地落叶,以及能穿越重洋的对爱人的想念,短短三分钟的作品让人在冬日感觉到暖洋洋。专辑里的其他作品《The Sun Doesn't Like You》《Until The End》《Wake Me Up》等都是非常诺拉式的,旋律配乐演唱都不抢耳,给人感觉是她在鼓励你于工作、学习的时候去聆听。这也是诺拉音乐的杀手锏,在她的陪伴下你可以写作、阅读、编程、烹饪、打扫,不仅不会分心,还能提高效率!
Norah Jones emerged from the New York scene five years ago and promptly became a cultural phenomenon with her unhurried jazz-inspired pop songs. She sold millions of records, won Grammys, world fame and accusations that she records bland background music.
In hindsight, she has been unfairly maligned. After diverging last year for a band-based side project called the Little Willies, the 27-year-old's solo return is different to her proceeding albums.
It's her first self-written album and is a collection of intimate, gorgeous-sounding songs recorded with boyfriend Lee Alexander. Her vocals preserve an undeniable charm and the jazz-infused instrumentation from her close troupe of players is first-rate. There are surprises too: Sinkin' Soon is a tribute to New Orleans. Most of the songs are still mid-tempo, but there is a darker slant to her lyrics and even a little bit of humour. A welcome return.

Not Too Late的曲目列表

1. Wish I Could
2. Sinkin' Soon
3. The Sun Doesn't Like You
4. Until The End
5. Not My Friend
6. Thinking About You
7. Broken
8. My Dear Country
9. Wake Me Up
10. Be My Somebody
11. Little Room
12. Rosie's Lullaby
13. Not Too Late

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