The Rest of New Order

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New Order / 电子 / 1999-05-21


1995 compilation, the remix companion to their 1994 collection 'The Best Of New Order'. 'Rest Of' features then updated mixes of 10 of their finest from both the '80s & '90s, including 'Blue Monday', 'Regret', 'True Faith', 'Bizarre Love Triangle', 'Age Of Consent', 'Touched By The Hand Of God', 'World' and 'Confusion'.

The Rest of New Order的曲目列表

1. Worl [Perfecto Mix]
2. Blue Monday [Harfloor Mix]
3. True Faith [Shep Pettibone Mix]
4. Confusion [Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix]
5. Touched by the Hand of God [Biff andMemphis Remix]
6. Bizarre Love Triangle [Armand Van Helden Mix]
7. Ruined in a Day [K-Klass Mix]
8. Regret [Fire Island Mix]
9. Age of Consent [Howie B. mix]
10. Spooky [Magimix]

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