This Film's Crap Let's Slash The Seats

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David Holmes / 1999-04-20


Import pressing of his debut album which is out-of-print in the US. As an aspiring DJ, the Irish-born David Holmes wanted to score movies, but producers weren't exactly beating a path to his door. So instead, he decided to make imaginary soundtracks of his own--to set music to the films he carried round in his head. This album was the result: an ambitious, diverse and, yes, profoundly cinematic collection of electronic tracks. The opening cut, 'No Man's Land,' was reportedly inspired by the Daniel Day-Lewis film In The Name Of The Father--and in the same way, it's possible to see "Gone" as a relic from some late-1960s arthouse classic, thanks to the breathy guest vocals of Saint Etienne's Sarah Cracknell. Jah Wobble guests on 'Got Fucked Up Along The Way,' while Steve Hillage contributes some typically mesmeric guitar to 'Inspired By Leyburn', but mostly this is Holmes's baby, showcasing his gift for arrangement and his fondness for atmospherics. Since its release, he's even gotten to compose some music for film and TV--proving, yet again, that you make your own luck. Universal. 1998.

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No Mans Land


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