Paris Je T'Aime

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Original Soundtrack / 原声 / 2006-09-25


2006 soundtrack to the award-winning film made up of 18 different short segments, each of them featuring a different director and a different cast. The majority of the soundtrack has been composed by Pierre Adenot but it does contain two tracks performed by Feist: 'We're All In The Dance' and 'La Meme Histoire' among other artists. Universal.

Paris Je T'Aime的曲目列表

1. Meme Histoire
2. Lumieres de Paris
3. Gogol
4. Run to the Mosque/Resolution
5. Que Linda Manito
6. Interlude
7. French Kiss
8. Elephant Me Regarde
9. Paris S'Eveille
10. Katoucha
11. Bob et Fanny
12. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
13. Vampire
14. Caravane
15. Fantomes d'Oscar Wilde
16. True
17. Love's a Bitch
18. Carol
19. Pairs Je T'Aime
20. We're All in the Dance
21. Tourbillon [*] - Miranda Richardson

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