One World

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John Martyn / 2004-11-08


John Martyn's classic album from 1977 has now been Digitally Remastered and is available as a 2CD Deluxe Edition. This new remastered Deluxe Edition of One World is augmented by a disc of bonus material, including five One World numbers recorded live at Regent's Park in the summer of 1978. To round the package off, there are alternate versions and demos of the album tracks, including the sought after out-take Black Man At The Shoulder, a version of Big Muff with drums and an instrumental version of the album's highlight, Small Hours. Although Bless The Weather set his 70s template and Solid Air was his first masterpiece, ONE WORLD is arguably John Martyn's most important album. Released in November 1977 at the height of punk, it was his first new material for nearly three years. Its themes strike a universal chord; matters of love, life, friendship, ecology and dancing abound. The mood of the album remains resolutely upbeat, through a wash of late night effects and instrumentation. Recorded in English countryside, the natural ambience of the settings of the sessions spills over into the work. Bonus CD tracks, 'Certain Surprise', 'Couldn't Love You More', 'One World', Dealer', & 'Small Hours', recorded live in the summer of 1978 at Regents Park & ten out-takes, 'Black Man At The Shoulder', 'Dealer' (First Alternate Take), 'One World' (Alternate Version), 'Smiling Stranger' (Instrumental), 'Big Muff' (Alternate Version With Drums), 'Certain Surprise' (Alternate Version), 'Dancing' (Alternate Version), 'Big Muff' (Drum Machine Version), 'Dealer' (Second Alternate Version), & 'Small Hours' (Instrumental Version), from the original recording sessions. Universal. 2004.

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