Rejoicing with the Light

7.2 11人评价

Muhal Richard Abrams / 爵士 / 1993-09-07


Muhal Richard Abrams - Conductor and pianist
Janette Moody - Soprano voice
Craig Harris - Trombone
Baikida Carroll - Trumpet, flugelhorn
Vincent Chancey - French horn
Howard Johnson - Tuba, baritone saxophone, contra bass clarinet
Marty Ehrlich - Alto saxophone, flute, B clarinet, bass clarinet
Eugene Ghee - Tenor saxophone, B clarinet, bass clarinet
Patience Higgins - B clarinet, alto clarinet, baritone saxophone
John Purcell - Piccolo, flute, alto saxophone, oboe, B clarinet, bass clarinet
Abdul Wadud - Cello
Jean-Paul Bourelly - Guitar
Rick Rozie - Bass
Warren Smith - Vibes, timpani, percussion
Andrew Cyrille - Drums

Rejoicing with the Light的曲目列表

The Heart Is Love And 'I Am'


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