Byrd: The Complete Keyboard Music

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Davitt Moroney / 古典 / 1999-10-12

Byrd: The Complete Keyboard Music的曲目列表

COMPACT DISC 1 [58'29]
Lord Willobies Welcome Home (Rowland), BK7 (muselar) [2'38]
The Bells, BK38 (harpsichord HB) [5'37]
The French Coranto, BK21a (harpsichord HB) [0'52]
The Second French Coranto, BK21b (harpsichord HB) [0'50]
The Third French Coranto, BK21c (harpsichord HB) [0'56]
Hugh Ashton's Grownde, BK20 (muselar) [8'04]
Callino Casturame, BK35 (harpsichord HB) [1'58]
A Lesson of Voluntarie, two parts in one in the 4th above, BK26 (muselar) [6'17]
The Carman's whistle, BK36 (chamber organ) [4'14]
Sellinger's Rownde, BK84 (harpsichord HB) [6'11]
Parson's In nomine, BK51 (chamber organ) [2'51]
The Second Ground, BK42 (muselar) [8'56]
A Horne Pipe, BK39 (harpsichord HB) [6'17]
Miserere (I), BK66 [first version] (clavichord) [1'00]
Miserere (II), BK67 [first version] (clavichord)
COMPACT DISC 2 [75'40]
Pavin Johnson's Delighte, BK5a (harpsichord RvN, lute stop) [5'17]
... The Galliard, BK5b (harpsichord RvN, lute stop) [1'47]
Preludium, BK24 (harpsichord RvN) [1'08]
Galiardo Mistris Marye Brownlo, BK34 (harpsichord RvN) [3'11]
Parludam, BK115 [EKM3] (muselar) [1'08]
Pavana "Ph. Tr.", BK60a (muselar) [5'02]
... Galiarda, BK60b (muselar) [1'48]
Alman, BK11 (harpsichord HB) [1'22]
A Pavin, BK33a (harpsichord HB) [4'51]
... Galliard, BK33b (harpsichord HB) [1'53]
Have with yow to Walsingame, BK8 (harpsichord RvN) [9'23]
Pavana Lachrymae, BK54 (muselar) [5'58]
Harding's Galliard, BK55 (muselar) [2'57]
The Barley Break, BK92 (harpsichord RvN) [8'20]
Pavana The Earle of Salisbury, BK15a (muselar) [1'43]
... Galiardo, BK15b (muselar) [1'09]
... Galiardo Secundo, BK15c (muselar) [2'10]
Eccho paven, BK114a (harpsichord RvN) [4'17]
... The Galliard, BK114b (harpsichord RvN) [1'59]
Wilson's Wilde, BK37 (harpsichord HB) [1'23]
A Gigg, "F. Tr.", BK22 (muselar) [1'06]
A Preludium, BK116 [EKM 4] (harpsichord HB) [1'29]
Jhon come kisse me now, BK81 (harpsichord RvN) [5'37]
COMPACT DISC 3 [73'30]
(all performed on Ahrend organ of l'Église-Musée des Augustins, Toulouse)
Christe qui lux, BK121 [EECM6/34] [two versions] [2'26]
Praeludium, BK12 [first version] [0'58]
A Voluntarie, BK27 [5'36]
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la, BK64 [8'28]
Ut, mi, re, BK65 [7'51]
Gloria tibi trinitas, BK50 [1'46]
Miserere (I), BK66 [second version] [0'57]
Miserere (II), BK67 [second version] [1'28]
A Verse of Two Parts, BK28 [1'46]
A Grounde, BK43 [2'59]
A Fancie, BK46 [first version] [5'14]
A Fancie, for my Ladye Nevell, BK25 [first version] [5'45]
A Grounde, BK9 [first version] [4'30]
Clarifica me, pater, 2 parts (I), BK47 [1'44]
Clarifica me, pater, 3 parts (II), BK48 [1'34]
Clarifica me, pater, [4 parts] (III), BK49 [3'15]
Fantasia, BK62 [first version] [9'06]
Salvator mundi (I), BK68 [1'15]
Salvator mundi (II), BK69 [1'25]
A Voluntarie, for my Ladye Nevell, BK61 [first version] [4'52]
COMPACT DISC 4 [59'16]
Will yow walke the woods so wylde, BK85 (muselar) [4'36]
Ut, Re, Mee, Fa, Sol, La, The a second Person, BK58 (muselar) [3'03]
Go from my window, BK79 (harpsichord HB) [4'17]
Fantasia, BK62 [second version] (harpsichord HB) [7'19]
Fortune my Foe, Farewell Delight, BK6 (muselar) [3'57]
Fantasia, BK63 (harpsichord HB) [4'32]
Corranto, BK45 (harpsichord HB) [1'10]
The Mayden's Songe, BK82 (chamber organ) [5'28]
A Grounde, BK86 (muselar) [5'49]
A Fancie, BK46 [second version] (harpsichord HB) [4'12]
O quam gloriosum est regnum, EKM48 (muselar) [7'03]
The Hunt's Up, BK40 (harpsichord HB) [7'19]
COMPACT DISC 5 [77'05]
O Mistris myne, I must, BK83 (harpsichord RvN) [6'21]
La Volta, BK91 (harpsichord HB) [1'24]
Quadran Paven, BK70a (harpsichord RvN) [8'47]
... Quadran Galliard, BK70b (harpsichord RvN) [4'34]
A Grounde, BK9 [second version] (harpsichord HB) [4'18]
If my complaints, or Pyper's Galliard, BK118 [EKM26] (harpsichord HB) [2'26]
The Queenes Alman, BK10 (muselar) [3'00]
A Pavion, BK23a (muselar) [4'42]
... The Galliard, BK23b (muselar) [1'44]
Pavana Bray, BK59a (harpsichord RvN) [4'42]
... Galiarda, BK59b (harpsichord RvN) [1'33]
La Volta L. Morley, BK90 (harpsichord HB) [1'28]
Pavana, BK4a (muselar) [2'17]
... Galiarda, BK4b (muselar) [1'48]
Gypseis Round, BK80 (harpsichord RvN) [4'43]
Pavana, BK52a (harpsichord RvN) [5'04]
... Galliarda, BK52b (harpsichord RvN) [1'47]
Galliard, BK53 (harpsichord HB) [1'44]
An Almane, BK89 (muselar) [1'20]
Pavin, BK76 (muselar) [3'07]
A Galliard, BK77 (muselar) [1'03]
An Alman, BK117 [EKM 30] (harpsichord HB) [2'10]
A Galliarde Gygge, BK18 (harpsichord HB) [2'03]
Paven, BK73a (muselar) [2'33]
... Galiard, BK73b (muselar) [1'34]
COMPACT DISC 6 [77'40]
Qui passe, for my Ladye Nevell, BK19 (harpsichord HB) [3'43]
A Fancie, for my Ladye Nevell, BK25 [second version] (harpsichord HB) [5'34]
The firste pavian, BK29a (muselar) [4'39]
... The galliarde, BK29b (muselar) [1'43]
The second pavian, BK71a (harpsichord HB) [2'57]
... The galliarde, BK71b (harpsichord HB) [1'45]
The third pavian, BK14a (muselar) [5'03]
... The galliard, BK14b (muselar) [1'46]
The fourth pavian, BK30a (harpsichord HB) [2'50]
... The galliarde, BK30b (harpsichord HB) [1'49]
The fifte pavian, BK31a (muselar) [5'12]
... The galliarde, BK31b (muselar) [1'41]
Pavana the vi, Kinbrugh Good, BK32a (harpsichord HB) [4'49]
... The galliarde, BK32b (harpsichord HB) [1'44]
The seventh pavian, Canon 2 parts in 1, BK74 (muselar) [4'49]
The eighte pavian, BK17 (muselar) [4'56]
The nynth pavian, the Passinge mesures, BK2a (harpsichord HB) [6'31]
... The galliarde, BK2b (harpsichord HB) [5'19]
My Ladye Nevell's Grownde, BK57 (harpsichord HB) [5'18]
A Voluntarie, for my Ladye Nevell, BK61 [second version] (harpsichord HB)[4'54]
COMPACT DISC 7 [75'49]
Preludium, BK1 (harpsichord RvN) [0'40]
Pavana Sir William Petre, BK3a (harpsichord RvN) [4'30]
... Galiardo, BK3b (harpsichord RvN) [2'13]
The Marche before the Battell, BK93 (muselar) [4'12]
The Battell, BK94 (Muselaar) [12'50]
The Galliard for the Victorie, BK95 (muselar) [1'59]
All in a garden greene, BK56 (harpsichord HB) [4'52]
Monsieur's Alman (I), BK87 (harpsichord RvN) [3'48]
Monsieur's Alman (II), BK88 (harpsichord RvN) [6'06]
The Ghost, BK78 (harpsichord HB) [2'58]
Monsieur's Alman (III), BK44 (harpsichord RvN) [2'09]
A Pavyn, BK16a (muselar) [4'11]
A Galliard, BK16b (muselar) [1'36]
Paven, BK100a [EKM10a] (harpsichord RvN) [1'59]
... Galiard, BK100b [EKM10b] (harpsichord RvN) [1'02]
Lady Montegle's Paven, BK75 (harpsichord HB) [2'59]
A Pavion, BK72a (harpsichord HB) [4'13]
... The Galliard to it, BK72b (harpsichord HB) [1'48]
Praeludium to the Fancie, BK12 [second version] (muselar) [0'48]
Praeludium to the Fancie, BK12 [third version] (harpsichord HB) [0'43]
Praeludium to the Fancie, BK12 [fourth version] (clavichord) [0'42]
Praeludium to the Fancie, BK12 [fifth version] (harpsichord RvN) [0'40]
Fantasia, BK13 (harpsichord RvN) [8'05]

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