10 Years

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Armin Van Buuren / 2006


Van Buuren is undoubtedly one of the leading trance DJs in the world. Holding firm at #2 in the prestigious public-voted DJ Mag Top 100, he's successfully made the transition from talented young upstart to tastemaker in the echelons of trance. His unique style of progressive trance has fittingly earned him this title and his discography of hits makes up his latest album. "10 Years" contains all of Armin's biggest tracks from the last decade, including radio smashes "Burned With Desire", "Shivers", "Hymne", and "Yet Another Day". An essential addition to any trance fan's collection.

10 Years的曲目列表

2-1. Who Is Watching
2-2. Saturday Night (Vs. Herman Brood)
2-3. Zocalo (Feat. Gabriel & Dresden)
2-4. This World Is Watching Me (Vs Rank 1 Feat. Kush)
2-5. Sunspot (Feat. Airwave)
2-6. Touch Me
2-7. Simple Things (Feat. Justine Suissa)
2-8. Shivers
2-9. Wall Of Sound
2-10. Intruder (Feat. Mike)

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