Recital 2000

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Anne-Sophie Mutter / Lambert Orkis / 古典 / 2000-10-10


To capture the brilliant partnership between violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and pianist Lambert Orkis, one only has to look to their riveting recording of Beethoven's Violin Sonatas. Over the course of those four CDs, the pair revealed themselves to be a lively, sympathetic team. The same description could be used for this single-CD recital, featuring four very different 20th-century compositions from four very different composers. The spiky nature and high notes of Prokofiev's Sonata stand in direct contrast with George Crumb's Four Nocturnes, a fragmented but short sonic journey filled with subtle harmonics and stark, hallucinogenic movements. Moving to Webern's Four Pieces, Mutter and Orkis literally define the essence of collaboration--there is no "star" here, other than the composer's somber work. The pair end the recital on its most gorgeous note: Respighi's Sonata for Violin and Piano in B minor. The richly lyrical, Romantic composition is the perfect showcase for the duo, and they deliver an electrifying performance. While Webern and Crumb may be acquired tastes, the Respighi piece is something everyone will love, filled with beautiful, expressive singing lines. These are great performances--Mutter's tone is impeccable and Orkis showcases his ever-increasing versatility. Great recorded sound, too. --Jason Verlinde

Recital 2000的曲目列表

Sonata For Violin And Piano In D Major, Op. 94a: I. Moderato


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