Plug Famalam Mixtape

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Kero One The Dj / 2006


A relaxing and truly mellow vibe of a mixtape. MC/Producer Kero One reveals his DJ tastes, mixing and re-mixing so seamingly effortless, he makes it sound easy as he creates a flawlesss, very smooth flowing album featuring songs from Sa-Ra, Erykah Badu, Lightheaded, Boogiemosters(!), Slum V, Dr Who Dat, Grand Puba and the list keeps going...
Mixed by Kero One.

Plug Famalam Mixtape的曲目列表

1. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - 'Cosmic Lust'
2. Petephilly and Perquisite - 'Hope' (DJ Mitsu remix) (feat. Talib Kweli)
3. Jneiro Jarel - 'It's Like Fire Yo!'
4. Kero One - 'Musical Journey' (Wajeed mix)
5. Sound Providers - 'Just Gettin' Started' (feat. Surreal)
6. Urbs and Cutex - 'Up n Down'
7. Nextmen - 'Break the Mould' (feat. Grap Luva)
8. DJ Mitsu - 'Yeah Ya'll' (feat. Kev Brown / Roddy Rod)
9. Erykah Badu - 'On and On' (Kero One remix)
10. Lightheaded - 'Surprise Cypher II' (instrumental) (feat. Ohmega Watts)
11. Slum Village - 'Look of Love' (remix)
12. Cal Tjader - 'Never My Love'
13. Grand Puba - 'I Like It'
14. Odarama Dreams - 'I Like It'
15. Jay Dee - 'Ritmo Bossa Nova'
16. Butti 49 - 'Kalas'
17. DJ Tonk - 'All Night' (feat. Procussions)
18. Starving Artists Crew - 'Artistry' (original instrumental)
19. Martian Gang - 'Got Skillz Galore' (Grooveman Spot remix)
20. Boogie Monsters - 'Bronx Bombas'

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