Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

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Raekwon / 说唱 / 1995


2008 release containing the instrumental version of this album from the Wu Tang member, originally released in 1995. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx's portraits of big-money drug deals and black underworld kingpins living in luxury had an enormous influence on the new New York hardcore scene, cinematic soundscapes support the album's tone; the appropriately dark or melancholy, shifting moods layer like different scenes in a film. 17 tracks. Altered Ego.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx的曲目列表

1. Striving For Protection
2. Knuckleheadz
3. Knowledge God
4. Criminology
5. Incarcerated Scarfaces
6. Rainy Dayz
7. Guillotine (Swords)
8. Can It Be All So Simple (Remix)
9. Shark Niggas (Biters)
10. Ice Water
11. Glaciers Of Ice
12. Verbal Intercouse
13. Wisdom Body
14. Spot Rusherz
15. Ice Cream
16. Wu-Gambinos
17. Heaven And Hell
18. North Star (Jewels)

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