Explorer: Bali - Music for the Shadow Play

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Nonesuch Explorer Series / 2003-02-25


The shadow play generally lasts all night. In this case, bronze keys suspended over bamboo tube resonators, which provide the musical background, are reinforced by a few small gongs and drums. Intrigue, romance, battles, comedy, wisdom, and mystic symbolism all have their place in the performance. The music, in its range of expressiveness, balance of form, and economy of means, has all the hallmarks of the abstract and fully realized sound architecture that characterizes a classical style. The compositions recorded here represent some of the principal pieces that might be heard in a typical play.

Gendér Wayang from Teges Kanyinan, Pliatan, Bali. Recorded in Bali by Robert E. Brown. Originally released in 1970.

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