The Crusade

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Trivium / 2007-04-30


From the opening future-thrash twin-blast of Â"IgnitionÂ" and Â"Detonation,Â" with their anthemic refrains and blizzards of lacerating lead work, The Crusade is clearly a body of work that could raise the bar for rock bands around the world. ThereÂ’s the staggering, precocious Â"Anthem (We Are The Fire),Â" which blends the scathing thrash riffs of Megadeth with the infectious swagger of Mötley Crüe at their succinct best. The intricate, rumbling bludgeon of Â"Becoming The DragonÂ" has a pummelling, cyclical rhythmic drive and soaring, left-of-centre chorus. The doom-laden, emotion-stuffed Â"And Sadness Will SearÂ", reveals a new, darker, edgier side to TriviumÂ’s otherwise hook-laden chops. The deceptively accessible Â"The RisingÂ" is a sumptuous hymn hewn from the juiciest licks that boasts a phenomenal crowd-rousing chorus... imploring the faithful to ‘Raise your voices with meÂ…and sing this song of unity!Â’ This collection of gems culminates in the albumÂ’s monumental, shape-shifting title track; a nine-minute instrumental monstrosity that twists, turns and torments the listener with rapid-fire tempo shifts, immaculate musicianship and a thrilling sense of adventure. ItÂ’s an obscenely brave and ambitious end to a glorious collection of songs that seems destined to cement TriviumÂ’s reputation as the heaviest, sharpest, smartest and hardest working band of their generation.

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