A Burning Light

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The Autumn Project / 2006


The Autumn Project's "A Burning Light" represents the band's most epic and triumphant work to date. TAP's 3rd studio release, the first with their new label Deepsend Records, A Burning Light radiates all that unique about The Autumn Project... subtle texture, crushing decibels, beautiful melodies and an intense one hour continious listening experience.

Formed officially in 2000, it wasn't until 2003 with the release of The Autumn Project's debut record "Fable" that TAP began moving forward into the direction we are heading now. After two West Coast tours, countless Midwest outings and 3 full length records The Autumn Project are setting the stage for national exposure. After self releasing "La Luna de Negra" in 2004 and signing onto Imagine It Records for the re-issue of "Fable" in 2005, The Autumn Project have now signed with the Boston, MA label Deepsend Records. Both Deepsend and Imagine It Records are best more in the hardcore metal worlds and we feel that we fit into that realm better than any other.

The Autumn Project's music is very dynamic and full of melodic overtones, but steeped with a backbone of brutality and dissonance. In January of 2005 UNRESTRAINED! Magazine's Adrian Brommely, editor of one of the biggest underground metal magazines in the world, declared that the humble and quiet Autumn Project debut "Fable" was THE underrated record of 2005.

A Burning Light的曲目列表

1. At The Feet of Sleeping Giants
2. Across Mountain Tops to Broken Bridges
3. Between The Smoke and Mirrors
4. We Cast These Shadows
5. A Burning Light

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