State Of Discontent

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The Unseen / 2005-05-10


The Unseen play punk rock, mix in hardcore, scream their asses off, and write great hooks. Their music and lyrics are filled with pent up fear, confusion, lust, guilt, dread, hate, and resentment, but they're neither a political band nor a street punk band, because those terms are too one-dimensional. Their songs deal with every thoughtful aspect in life. Produced by the Dropkick Murphy's Ken Casey and mixed by Jim Siegel and Bad Religion's Brett Gurewitz. Look for them on this summer's Warped Tour.

State Of Discontent的曲目列表

1. On The Other Side
2. Scream out
3. The End Is Near
4. Weapons Of Mass Deception
5. You Can Never Go Home
6. Dead Weight
7. Force Fed
8. Social Damage
9. Waste Of Time
10. Hit And Run
11. We Are All That We Have
12. Flames Have Destroyed
13. Final Execution (Armageddon)
14. Paint It Black

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