Tanz der Lemminge

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Amon Duul II / 2006-07-18


Known as Dance Of The Lemmings outside of Germany, Amon Düül II’s 1971 third album is widely considered to be the keystone of the Amon Düül II catalog. With stylistic abandon, this recording mixes together everything from straight-ahead rock to experimental noodling, all built around a series of science-fiction themes. This release, like its predecessor, Yeti, was originally released as a double LP set. The first two sides of Tanz Der Lemminge were filled with bizarre music: vocals, jams, and otherworldly sonic explorations. The third side consisted of nothing but spacey experimental effects that sounded a whole lot like Alpha Centauri-era Tangerine Dream. Now it is brought to you in its entirety on CD! Fans familiar with the sprawling psychedelic explorations of ADII's first three albums dare not miss this gem!

Amon Düül II, the second formation of this now legendary band, are one of the earliest and best known of the German experimental (Krautrock) bands. For the complete re-issue series of the Amon Düül II catalogue, the CDs will be released as remastered deluxe editions, with enhanced booklets, featuring new liner notes and photos.

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Syntelman's March Of The Roaring Seventies


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