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Andy Tubman, lead singer and songwriter of The Jane Doe's, was born in Philadelphia where his earliest vocal influence came from his father Lou, an opera singer. However his songwriting abilities were not realized until his college years while earning his degree in Music Therapy. During an internship at a state psychiatric hospital with schizophrenic patients, Andy began using songwriting to cope with the harsh realities he faced on a daily basis.
To hone his writing skills, he then moved to Nashville for three years where he performed, recorded and wrote with musicians including Gary Burnett, Daniel Tashien and Jill Sobule.
In 2001, Andy moved to Los Angeles, playing, recording and writing with such artists as Waylon Payne, Keith Gattis, Kaveh Rastegar and Joe Karnes.
The haunting track "Quiet Inside," co-written with Gattis, appears in The Jacket (Warner Films, February 2005), starring Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley, and produced by George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh.
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November 16, 2005: Rock City News
In addition to Andy Tubman gracing the cover of an upcoming issue of the local LA rag, Rock City News, he has also been nominated for two awards given out by the paper. Please vote and tell your friends to do the same...much thanks for the love!
Skinnytubs (AKA Andy Tubman) has been nominated for 2 awards at this years ROCKIES in Los Angeles, hosted by Rock City News. Please click on these links and VOTE for BEST SONGWRITER and BEST SOLO ARTIST IN LA!!!
November 2005: Campari & Vanity Fair
The Jane Doe's were featured in the November 2005 issue of Vanity Fair magazine! Check out a picture and writeup over at The Jane Doe's website.
August 2005: Campari & Vanity Fair
The Jane Doe's will perform next Wednesday, August 24th at 9:00 sharp at the very fuzzy M Bar in Hollywierd. This show is to prepare our chill groove set for a big show on Thursday, September 1st at The House of Campari in Venice, CA. The performance will cap the month long summer arts series held at The House of Campari (sponsored by Vanity Fair and Campari) and is the only musical performance to be held in the Johnston-Ready designed space on Abbott Kinney Boulevard. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THIS PRIVATE PARTY YOU MUST BE ON THE HIPSTER LIST! RSVP with the names of the people in your party and we’ll send you all the details. In general, the night goes from 8-10 and is set in a very cool art gallery with an out door patio for music and cocktails...schwing!
July 7, 2005: A Jane Doe's Event/Showcase this Tuesday
Come and shake your money maker this Tuesday night at 9:30 at Monroe's Bar in West Hollywood. The night is sponsored by Barcardi, thus bringing out the finest in LA's intoxicating/ed music aficionados. more on the tour page
June 29, 2005: The Jacket on DVD
The Jacket, starring Keira Knightley and Adrien Brody, is now available on DVD. "Quiet Inside," co-written by Andy Tubman and Keith Gattis, is layered throughout the movie and prominently featured over the closing credits.
March 21, 2005: Rolling Out The Red Carpet
Andy and Jane Doe's bandmate Brad Colton walked the red carpet at The Arclight Theater in Hollywood along-side Keira Knightley, Adrien Brody, Kris Kristofferson, John Maybury, Alice Cooper and Sheryl Crow at the February 28 Los Angeles premier of the Warner Independent motion picture "The Jacket". The paparazzi was in full force with enough flashing bulbs to give Vegas a run for it's money. We did a mad amount of interviews with news stations from all over the world! WORD. If you have not already heard, Andy, with help from Keith Gattis, wrote "Quiet Inside" for the film. Brian Eno, producer/composer extraordinaire, wove the song throughout the film as well as in the climax scene andover the closing credits in it's entirety. "The Jacket" opened March 4 in 1300 theaters across the country, go see it at a theater near you! Be sure to stay through the credits!
March 4, 2005
Quiet Inside, co-written by Andy Tubman and Keith Gattis, appears throughout The Jacket, a new Warner Independent film opening TODAY, starring Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley. [Download the Quiet Inside mp3]
March 1, 2005
Welcome to the new Look around and don't forget to visit The Jane Doe's.
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Gods Of Music
"It’s late night reflective music, best mixed with a set of John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Marvin Gaye and Erykah Badu. "Invisible Diamond" is one of the rarest of finds on the Internet or elsewhere. My guess is that it won’t be invisible for much longer...." - 9.3 / 10 [full review]
Billboard Magazine
"Often expressing brutally honest emotions from working as a music therapist, Andy delivers unforgettable music through intense performances..." [full review]
MTV Local
"Little did I know what was about to take place. When the band kicked in, it was brutally apparent that this was something special..." [full review]
Sensored Magazine
"It's a three minute road trip and Andy wants to take you along. His descriptive content forces a mind to wander and a heart to daydream..." [full review]
Citysearch & InReview
"Andy speaks of his progress happily: 'I had some growing to do, settling into my musical voice. I think the ultimate voice is one's gut. Especially you need it in music. It's sparse, naked and pretty raw. I dig that...'" [full review]

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2.On and On
3.Hit the Road
6.Autumn Falls
7.Hills Along the Way
8.You Got It Goin' On
9.Tap Room

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