Best of 12-Inch (1995-2006)

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Sweetbox / 流行 / 2006-08-08

Best of 12-Inch (1995-2006)的曲目列表

1.Booyah, Here We Go (Featuring Tempest) (Hot Pants Radio Mix)
3.I'll Die For You (Featuring D. Christopher Taylor) (Sweetbox Club Mix)
4.Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Geo's Big "E" Club Mix)
5.Don't Go Away (Brucie's 2Bad Gordie Mix)
6.Shout (Let It All Out) (Featuring D. Christopher Taylor) (Loud & Longer Mix)
7.For The Lonely (Geo's Remix)
8.Boyfriend (Booyah Revival Short Remix)
9.Read My Mind (Jazztronic Mix)
10.Lighter Shade Of Blue (H-Run/Dadas Remix)
11.Life is Cool (Kerosin Remix)
12.Cinderella (Electric Spice Mix)
13.Booyah, Here We Go (Featuring Tempest) (The Clinic Remix)
14.Addicted (Featuring DJ Bo & InDJaction Crew) (Boom Boom Remix)
15.I'll Die For You (Featuring D. Christopher Taylor) (Die Strictly Hip Mix)

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