Right Where You Want Me

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Jesse McCartney / 2006


Exclusive Asian two disc edition of the 2006 sophomore album from Teen Pop sensation Jesse McCartney features a bonus VCD containing an assortment of 17 extras including music videos, acoustic performances, karaoke audio tracks and more. Packaged in a slip case with the album in a standard jewel case and the VCD in a separate slimline jewlcase. EMI. **Please note that VCDs are playable in most DVD players and computer drives.

Right Where You Want Me的曲目列表

1. Right Where You Want Me
2. Just So You Know
3. Blow Your Mind
4. Right Back In The Water
5. Anybody
6. Tell Her
7. Just Go
8. Can't Let You Go
9. We Can Go Anywhere
10. Feelin' You
11. Invincible
12. Daddy's Little Girl

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