Myrmidons of Melodrama

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The Shangri-Las / 1995-04-17

Myrmidons of Melodrama的曲目列表

1. Remember (Walking in the Sand)
2. It's Easier to Cry
3. Leader of the Pack
4. What Is Love? - The Shangri-Las, The Shangri-Las
5. Give Him a Great Big Kiss
6. Maybe
7. Out in the Streets
8. Boy
9. Give Us Your Blessings
10. Heaven Only Knows
11. Right Now and Not Later
12. Train from Kansas City
13. Never Again
14. I'm Blue
15. What's a Girl Supposed to Do?
16. Dum Dum Ditty
17. You Cheated, You Lied
18. I Can Never Go Home Anymore
19. Bull Dog
20. Long Live Our Love
21. Sophisticated Boom Boom
22. He Cried
23. Dressed in Black
24. Past, Present, and Future
25. Paradise
26. Love You More Than Yesterday
27. Wishing Well
28. Hate to Say I Told You So
29. Give Him a Great Big Kiss [Take]
30. How Pretty Can You Get?
31. Revlon Endorsement
32. Good Taste Tip from Mary Weiss
33. Dating Courtesy Tip from Mary Weiss

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