Adam And Eve

7.6 30人评价

Catherine Wheel / 摇滚 / 1997-08-26


Import edition of the UK alternative act's 1997 album for Mercury (now deleted in the U.S.). For this their fourth album, the band focused more on atmospherics which drew them comparisons to Pink Floyd & Talk Talk. 12 tracks (#12 is untitled and hidden) including, 'Future Boy', 'Ma Solituda' & 'Thunderbird'. EMI.

Adam And Eve的曲目列表

Untitled 1:23
Future Boy 5:15
Delicious 5:10
Broken Nose 5:20
Phantom Of The American Mother 5:43
Ma Solituda 5:12
Satellite 5:14
Thunderbird 6:39
Here Comes The Fat Controller 5:31
Goodbye 7:02
For Dreaming 7:15
Untitled 3:00

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