Fate Is The Hunter

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Kate Earl / 2005


The upcoming collection of songs is autobiographical. Just as Kate carries the beauty and purity of the Alaskan wilderness with her, she also holds the long, dark, 40-below winters and the isolation that comes along with the never-ending nighttime. Kate has been playing shows up and down the west coast, honing her skills and establishing herself as the kind of artist who leaves her heart on the stage. In her own words and with her own stunningly beautiful voice, Kate tells her stories...stories that are full of love, faith, tragedy and the strength of the human spirit.

Fate Is The Hunter的曲目列表

1. Someone to love
2. When You're Older
3. Officer
4. Silence
5. Cry Sometimes
6. Anything
7. Free
8. Come This Far
9. Sweet sixteen
10. Hero
11. Surrender

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