Magnetic North

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Magnetic North / 2005-06-07


Comprised of close friends that share an unhealthy lust for music, Magnetic North is a hip hop duo that strives to find the balance between insightful lyrics and engaging instrumentals. After nearly a decade of emceeing solo, Direct and Theresa Vu officially grouped in 2003 and quickly made a name for themselves performing at venues coast to coast. Direct, the mastermind behind their instrumentals, is known for pairing head-noddin' percussion with melodies heavy in acoustic guitar, piano riffs, and even ethnic instruments. He tops off his production with honest rhymes and a refreshingly crisp delivery. Then there is Tvu, a wordsmith of rare caliber, who brings to Magnetic North that distinguishing edge - a female emcee as comfortable on the mic as any of her male contemporaries.

Magnetic North的曲目列表

1 Unda Control
2 It Lingers (interlude)
3 Demons / Only One
4 Drift Away
5 So Long
6 Kora (interlude)
7 You and You
8 Dozen of Dimes
9 Dear Hip Hop
10 Soliloquy
11 Price of Perfection
12 One 2 One
13 We Will Not Be Moved

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