Panda & Angel

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Panda & Angel / 2006-07-25


On their first Jade Tree release, Panda & Angel paint a passively angst-filled portrait of lovelorn heartache and loneliness. This EP combines the sedated dissonance of early Low and Chan Marshall (Cat Power) with the melancholy filled distortion of My Bloody Valentine and the stark truth of PJ Harvey. Anchored by the haunting and hypnotic voice of Carry Murphy, this record offers a heavy-hearted perspective on losing one's way and ultimately starting anew. The end result is a poignant memoir of melancholic regret, cathartic revelations, and vibrant but tempered pop orchestrations.

Panda & Angel的曲目列表

1 Mexico
2 Dangerous
3 China
4 Ohio December 24th
5 Following the Death of Her
6 A Thousand Whispers

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