Menos El Oso

6.8 23人评价

Minus the Bear / 2005-08-23


Three years removed from the riveting full-length debut, "Highly Refined Pirates", this highly stylized Seattle indie-pop group flaunts substantial glitch-riddled prog-pop on their second Suicide Squeeze full-length. Weaving through territories long established by '70s prog-rockers (Yes, Rush), '80s proto punks (Fugazi), and '90s art rock mind-f*cks (Jawbox, Joan Of Arc), Minus The Bear invoke the modern love affair between dance driven strategy and lush, Upper Pacific sweater rock. Features appearances by Judah Nagler and Josh Staples (The Velvet Teen), Michael Richardson (The New Trust), and Heather Duby.

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The Game Needed Me


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