Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up

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Cortney Tidwell / 2006


Ever Records and Inertia are proud to announce the release of CORTNEY TIDWELL's debut full length album, 'Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up'. Recorded at home and at Nashville's Beat Hollow studios, co-produced by Cortney Tidwell and her husband Todd. Guests include members of LAMBCHOP: KURT WAGNER duets on "Society" and is joined by founding member JONATHON MARX, whilst WILLIAM TYLER - Lambchop's guitarist - contributes extensively. RYAN NORRIS of Nashville's HANDS OFF CUBA, performs on a number of tracks, as well co-writing "I Do Not Notice" & "Illegal" with Cortney. Cortney's unusual and uncompromising approach has resulted in a music of fascinating beauty: staggering, desolate, country infused laments sprinkled with subtle flourishes of electronics; skeletal, eerie, haunting structures that reach out far beyond their geographic roots. Cortney's voice is even more remarkable, an arresting and vulnerable instrument that recalls the likes of PATSY CLINE, LESLIE FEIST, HOPE SANDOVAL aka MAZZY STAR, BETH ORTON, BJORK or LIZ FRAZER in her COCTEAU TWIN era.

Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up的曲目列表

1. Eyes At The Billions
2. Pictures On The Sidewalk
3. Missing Link
4. I Do Not Notice
5. La La
6. Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up
7. Non Commitment
8. Society
9. Our Time
10. Illegal
11. Tide

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