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The Broken Family Band / 摇滚 / 2007-01-01


Balls is the third full-length album from the broken family band they've got a good reputation for peddllng jangly country music, but balls shows there's more to them than that. Balls shows off the broken family band's love of indie rock, heavy metal, country flavoured ballads punk and arty pop meanderings, without the slightest thought for fashion or trends. Guests this time are limited to Kansas pop princess piney gir on vocals, with goldrush's Joe Bennett and folk orchestra's gill sandell chipping in the and there. In the past the band have recorded In rural Norfolk, but for balls they decided to record in the big city it took them 8 days with Brian O'Shaughnessy (primal scream, my bloody valentine, Beth Orton) in an east London studio to knock this one out, and they chose to record on old fashioned tape without any of that digital witchcraft. they've been all over the radio (including a recent session on the Jonathon Ross show for mark 'they're my new favourite band' lamarr, rado2, as well as mark Radcliff, peel, rob da bank, xfm, 6 music, virgin etc sessions). Track Fiel. 2006


1 You're Like A Woman 3:44
2 It's All Over 3:47
3 I See How You Are 3:18
4 The Booze And The Drugs 2:30
5 I'm Thirsty 3:50
6 Come On Home 2:09
7 Alone In The Make-Out Room 4:38
8 For Milton Mapes 3:32
9 All I Want From You Is Some Effort 3:30
10 Michelle 3:13
11 Trouble 3:19
12 Diamonds In The Mine 3:10





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