Quartet: Russ Freeman/Chet Baker

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Chet Baker / Russ Freeman / 爵士 / 1956-01-06


Chet Baker Quartet(in what was a reunion session), it was originally released under pianist Russ Freeman'sname. All but two of the eight songs on the set ("Love Nest" and "Lush Life") are compositions by the pianist and they often feature both challenging chord changes and swinging solos. Baker, who improvises on the date with a fair amount of fire while sticking to his middle register, emerges as the key soloist although Freemansounds quite original within the genre; bassist Leroy Vinnegarand drummer Shelly Manneplay tastefully in quiet support of the lead voices. All of the music was previously reissued as part of the complete Chet Baker Quartetlimited-edition Mosaic box set that has since gone out of print. Well worth exploring.

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Love Nest


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