Back On The Water

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Freeheat / 摇滚 / 2006-06-06


At long last here’s the Freeheat album that almost never was. Exploding on to a hi-fi near you is the first full-length album from the band who count The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Gun Club and Earl Brutus amongst their pedigree. Featuring sessions recorded at the Mary Chain’s infamous Drugstore, along with classic live tracks from the Paradiso, Amsterdam. "Back On The Water" (PSRCD-045) is guaranteed to thrill you to your rock’n’roll core. The live moments are breathtaking and beautifully raw whilst Freeheat’s studio exploration visits brisk distorted multi-layered melodic blasts of sound. It’s a stripped down affair but make no mistake, it reaffirms Jim Reid & Company’s knack for writing the timeless perfect pop song - think Andy Warhol and absinth or a new pop-art for the new century.

Back On The Water的曲目列表

1. Keep On Truckin'
2. What Goes Around (live)
3. Back on the Water (live)
4. The Story So Far
5. Everything
6. Dead End Kids (live)
7. Get On Home
8. Facing Up to the Facts (live)
9. Shine On Little Star
10. Get On Home (live)
11. Down
12. The Two of Us (live)
13. The Real Deal
14. Shine On Little Star (live)
15. Don't Look Back
16. K Moon (live)
17. Baby G2 (live)

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