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Silversun Pickups / 摇滚 / 2006-07-25


The wait is over. Silversun Pickups are about to unveil their debut full length on July 25. The Angelenos have been hard at work in the studio for months since the release of their EP 'Pikul', and are excited for the finished copy to hit the shelves. Singer/guitarist Brian Aubert offers, "We worked our asses off and we are very proud of the finished product." Using Pikul as the blueprint, the full-length seamlessly continues with Silversun's signature sound. Aubert continues, "We stayed very focused on a feeling for the full-length. It's colder, more mechanical, moodier - but at the end of it all, it's a rock record. And that's what we wanted to make." The album captures the moody nature of Silversun Pickups' sound: fuzzy guitars, driving bass grooves, ethereal keyboards, angular drums, all complemented by Aubert's unmistakable, raspy vocals. This duality is the quality that sets the Silversun Pickups apart.


1 Melatonin 4:04
2 Well Thought Out Twinkles 4:02
3 Checkered Floor 4:51
4 Little Lover's So Polite 4:58
5 Future Foe Scenarios 5:20
6 Waste It On 4:13
7 Lazy Eye 5:54
8 Rusted Wheel 6:00
9 Dream At Tempo 119 4:52
10 Three Seed 5:40
11 Common Reactor 6:01





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