Quality Control

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Jurassic 5 / 说唱 / 2000-06-20


10 years since the original release of the Jurassic 5 debut full-length album, we are proud to bring you the long-awaited official re-issue of "Quality Control" instrumentals. This timeless record contains the trademark production of DJ/Producers DJ Nu-Mark & Cut Chemist controlling a majority of the beats, arguably the best production of their careers.

Quality Control的曲目列表

1. "How We Get Along" (samples "Licking Stick" by James Brown) 1:14
2. "The Influence" (samples "Some Minor Changes" by The Hi-Lo's) 3:56
3. "Great Expectations" (samples "The Great Escape" by Larry Coryell) 3:37
4. "Quality Control (Intro)" 0:31
5. "Quality Control" (samples "One Less Dick" & "I Don't Want No Woman" by Blowfly) 4:48
6. "Contact" (samples sound clips from Back to the Future and The A-Team) 1:15
7. "Lausd" (samples "John Brown's Body" by Brian Auger & The Trinity) 4:07
8. "World Of Entertainment (W.O.E. Is Me)" (samples "Bio Rhythm #9" by Thomas Clausen) 3:57
9. "Monkey Bars" (samples "Number 5" by Sesame Street & "Concerto for Horn and Hardart" by Peter Schickele) 4:06
10. "Jurass Finish First" (samples "Apache" by Incredible Bongo Band) 4:35
11. "Contribution" (samples "Soulman" by Ray Bryant) 3:45
12. "Twelve" 4:25
13. "The Game feat. Mark Ellis" 4:34
14. "Improvise" (samples "Hot Rock Theme" by Quincy Jones) 3:28
15. "Swing Set" (samples "Fire Eater" by Rusty Bryant) 5:18

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