Crazy Itch Radio

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Basement Jaxx / 2006-09-12


This album swerves from the all-out drama on the operatic "Intro" straight into the jet-packed kaleidoscopic pop of "Hush Boy". Next is "Take Me Back To Your House", a sexy, energetic moment of what they call "banjo house". Then there's Balkan folk woven into vocals from Swedish pop sensation Robyn on "Hey You", a hyper grime tune called "Run 4 Cover", and a Wil Malone-scored beauty with legendary British singer Linda Lewis called "Lights Go Down". A little special treat is tucked away at the end.

Crazy Itch Radio的曲目列表

01. Intro [0:37]
02. Hush Boy [3:59]
03. Zoomalude [0:50]
04. Take Me Back To Your House [5:08]
05. Hey You [4:54]
06. On The Train [4:14]
07. Run 4 Cover [4:14]
08. Skillalude [0:35]
09. Smoke Bubbles [4:20]
10. Lights Go Down [5:13]
11. Intro Reprise [0:36]
12. Everybody [5:53]
13. Keep Keep On [2:24]
14. U R On My Mind [8:08]

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