Some Things I Know

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Lee Ann Womack / 1998-09-22

While much of the material on Womack's sophomore effort treads well within the unspoken boundaries of Nashville romance (broken hearts, unrequited love), there are a few gems that hint of a saucy character behind the sweet voice. "I'll Think of a Reason Later" is a funny, honest portrayal of a woman meeting an old lover's new flame. "The Man Who Made My Mama Cry" is an unflinching dismissal of a prodigal father, and "I'd Rather Have What We Had" mourns for the steamy affair that led to a now-mundane marriage. Supported by a pair of Vince Gill duets, Some Things I Know effectively balances country music convention with honest emotion. --Alexandra Russell-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Entertainment Weekly
Marrying the little-girl vulnerability of Dolly Parton to the wounded style of Patty Loveless, Womack returns with an exceptional album...------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
USA Today
They simply don't make country albums any finer than Some Things I Know.

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Some Things I Know


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