Rosso E Azzurro

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Tsuyoshi Domoto / 堂本刚 / 流行 / 2002-08-07


The first solo album for vocalist with popular Japanese pop act Kinki Kids. The majority of the songs were penned (both music & lyrics) by the artist himself. The initial-press-only limited edition includes a bonus (CD-sleeve sized) 'pet film' illustrated

Rosso E Azzurro的曲目列表

01 さよならアンジェリーナ
02 Purity
03 Girasole
04 歩き出した夏
05 We never know
06 街
07 花
08 Panic Disorder
09 溺愛ロジック(New Mix)
10 Luna
11 あなた
12 心の恋人

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