War All the Time

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Thursday / 2003-09-16


New Jersey post-hardcore quintet's third album follows 2001's Full Collapse and is their first for major label Island. More streamlined and melodic than their previous efforts, without compromising their powerful, aggressive, intelligentand musically complex sound. Features guest appearances from Cursive's Gretta Cohn and Onelinedrawing's Jonah Matranga and includes the single 'For the Workforce, Drowning' which appeared on a split 7" with labelmates Thrice.

War All the Time的曲目列表

1.: For The Workforce Drowning
2.: Between Rupture And Rapture
3.: Division St
4.: Signals Over The Air
5.: Marches And Maneuvers
6.: Asleep In The Chapel
7.: This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb
8.: Steps Ascending
9.: War All The Time
10.: M Shepard
11.: Tomorrow I'll Be You

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