beyond the massive darkness

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megaptera / 2001


After ten years of making death industrial Megaptera decided to call it a day. The extremely dark ambient sound of this Swedish band has influenced many other acts. I saw the band live recently, which impressed me a lot. If you don’t own a Megaptera album you could go for this final double cd, that combines their first LP Songs from the massive darkness (1992) and as a bonus a remix of the first cd Beyond the shadow (1994). Extremely dark, grinding industrial ambient, with walls of sound and many samples from horror movies, a release that is not easily digested. These old recordings are better than their previous release Electronic Underground, but my favourite Megaptera album remains The curse of the scarecrow.

beyond the massive darkness的曲目列表

Disc 1:
I Hydraulik Machinery
II Sighatul - Marmatei (the cellar of death)
III Plague Spot
IV Sludgy Heads Found In A Handbag
V Dysentry
VI Kristus Insana

Disc 2:
I Human Sacrifice
II Distinkt Killing
III The Offering
IV Lebensborn
V Epileptic Hospital
VI Behind The Wall
VII Intellektural Decompression
VIII Cathacombs

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