Horn of Plenty

7.4 138人评价

Grizzly Bear / 流行 / 2004-11-09


Horn of Plenty is a nostalgic amalgamation of found sounds and layered vocals bound to thrill followers of Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake and the Unicorns. While the album pushes the boundaries of mellow into undiscovered territory, Grizzly Bear is not sure if they fall under the newly coined "freak-folk" category or hte new-folk genre, but they'd like to offer up wood-temp or cave-core. V Magazine likened them to Neil Young on cough syrup.

Horn of Plenty的曲目列表

1. Deep Sea Diver
2. Don't Ask
3. Alligator
4. Campfire
5. Shift
6. Disappearing Act.
7. Fix It
8. Merge
9. A Good Place
10. Showcase
11. La Duchesse Anne
12. Eavesdropping
13. Service Bell
14. This Song

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