To The Moon

8.2 405人评价

Monster Movie / 摇滚 / 2004-08-20


"To the Moon is about the blithe optimism found in sunrises and open highways, of the uplifting power of carefree pop. When the sun hits, it sounds like this." - SPLENDID

When the UK's Monster Movie graced us with their first full-length, Last Night Something Happened, one critic dubbed them "hideous boymen with a very secret but very beautiful plan for this world." Two years later, this plan continues to develop and unfold to glorious effect via their second album, To the Moon. The heady yields of Christian Savill and Sean Hewson's working relationship prove that vital songwriting duos are alive and well in contemporary rock `n' roll. Having ended a frustrating yearlong delay caused by an ill-timed artwork-related imbroglio, To the Moon is poised for takeoff. An album of celestial wonder and expanse, To the Moon soars to stratospheric altitudes via volcanic bursts of guitar distortion and delay. Darkly introspective lyrics, whose scope encompasses everything from arctic stars to ellipsis, reveal rare emotional depth and candor. As Pitchfork's Christopher Dare summarized, "It's clear that the album's meant to be a traveler's diversion, so maybe you'll enjoy it as a detour from your next trip to Souvlaki Space Station."

To The Moon的曲目列表

1. Sweet Lemonade
2. Dream About You
3. Beautiful Arctic Star
4. From A Distance
5. Don't Know Why
6. Colder Days
7. Good Grief
9. Out Of Touch
10. Nobody Sees
11. 1950da

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