Dimension Intrusion

8.9 168人评价

F.U.S.E. / 电子 / 1993-09-14


by John Bush
Dimension Intrusion alternates minimalist stompers like "F.U." and "Train-Trac" with more melodic, contemplative material. The latter made Hawtin a perfect match for the other producers in Warp's Artificial Intelligence series (B12, Black Dog, Polygon Window). Despite his direct Detroit inspirations -- exemplified on the requisite automobile track "Nitedrive" -- Hawtin encounters familiar territory on Dimension Intrusion's more downtempo tracks: "A New Day," the title track, and "Into the Space."

Dimension Intrusion的曲目列表

01 A New Day
02 F.U.
03 Siac
04 Dimension Intrusion
05 Substance Abuse
06 Train-Trac.1
07 Another Time (Revisited)
08 Treychk
09 Uva
10 Mantrax
11 Nitedrive
12 Into the Space
13 Logikal Nonsense

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