Down In The Past

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Mando Diao / 流行 / 2005


Taken from the album Hurricane Bar, which has gone gold in 4 territories, this single marks the band’s latest assault on British ears, birth place of the shining pop melodies covered in guitar scuzz they love. 'Down In The Past' was produced by Richard Rainey, the man behind the controls for U2’s 11 million selling album All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Mute. 2005.

Down In The Past的曲目列表

01. Mr.Moon
02. The Band
03. Sheepdog
04. Paralyzed
05. Clean Town
06. God Knows
07. Down In The Past
08. You Can't Steal My Love
09. Long Gone Before Rock 'N' Roll Promo Video
10. Tv & Me
11. Good Morning Herr Horst

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