Blueprints for the Black Market

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Anberlin / 2003-05-06


2009 three CD set from the Emo/Alt-Rock band. This triple disc release features 33 songs including all the songs from their three albums: Blueprints For The Black Market (2003), Never Take Friendship Personal (2005) and Cities (2007). This anthology will be a great addition for fans that may not have all Anberlins's best-selling catalog as well as a great way for new fans to discover and get all three catalog albums for a great price.

Blueprints for the Black Market的曲目列表

1. Readyfuels
2. Foreign Language
3. Change The World (Lost Ones)
4. Cold War Transmissions
5. Glass To The Arson
6. The Undeveloped Story
7. Autobahn
8. We Dreamt In Heist
9. Love Song
10. Cadence
11. Naive Orleans

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