Up All Night

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The Procussions / 2004-09-23


Witness the raw talent of The Procussions on an exclusive, limited edition recording of a 10pm - 6am secret studio session engineered by Jay Skillz of the Sound Providers. With live drums and live Rhodes keys layered by Stro the 89th Key, this special EP creates a jazz-rooted, open-mic, lounge atmosphere. The freestyle and free-form spoken word from Mr. J. Medeiros, Stro, and Resonant fills in the blanks to make this batch of grooves a solid composition. This was originally a Japan-only relase, but due to popular demand, we are releasing a limited pressing for the rest of the world. With 11 jazz laced live tracks and 4 new procussions songs, it's no wonder this EP outgrew it's exclusiveness.

Up All Night的曲目列表

01. Welcome
02. Insert Rhyme Here
03. Mr. J Warm Up
04. Coffe Break
05. The Cereal Chronicles
06. Second Wind
07. Good Morning Colorado
08. The Stay Awake Samba
09. B Boy Alarm Clock
10. J Skills Never Sleeps
11. We Are Here*
12. Life of Brian*
13. Freedom*
14. Divine Intervention Remix Inst.* 15. Introducing... (What's Your Name?) - My Name Is Shin-Ski Remix*


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