The Alternative

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I Am X / 2006-05-30


2nd studio album from Berlin based IAMX. Electro pop rock act. IAMX have been touring the globe for the past year and have a growing army of electro and Goth fans alike. Indeed Chris Corner the bands vocalist was once in the Sneaker Pimps, although IAMX have a harder sound and have been likened to that similar to Placebo and even Marilyn Manson. The band are currently on a 20 date tour of the USA having been supported by Myspace where the band have over 40,000 friends.

The Alternative的曲目列表

01. President
02. The Alternative
03. Nightlife
04. Lulled by Numbers
05. Song Of Imaginary Beings
06. The Negative Sex
07. Bring Me Back a Dog
08. S.H.E
09. Spit It Out
10. After Every Party I Die
11. This Will Make You Love Again

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