The Silver Lining

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Soul Asylum / 2006-11-07


Soul Asylum's ninth full-length album, is every bit as quirky and off-centered cut-to-the-bone rock as their hardcore fans have come to expect, an indication that the Minneapolis-bred band has lost none of its edge. And why should they? The new Soul Asylum songs--"Crazy Mixed Up World," "Standing Water," "Success Is Not So Sweet," "All Is Well," "Good For You," "Lately," "Oxygen," and the lead single "Stand Up And Be Strong"--capture the band at its best: swinging, soothing, and rocking.

"I'm really proud of this record," said Dan Murphy. "It's a guitar record and it was really fun to record. It will always remind me of Karl when I listen to it. He was really sick, but still pulled through and finished it in Soul Asylum fashion."

"It makes me think of Karl," agreed Dave Pirner. "It was long overdue to record exclusively in Minneapolis because we hadn't done so in 15 years and the natural surroundings of home was something we needed. We feel extra proud of it because we did it on our own."

The Silver Lining的曲目列表

1. Stand Up And Be Strong
2. Lately
3. Crazy Mixed Up World
4. All Is Well
5. Bus Named Desire
6. Watcha Need
7. Standing Water
8. Success Is Not So Sweet
9. The Great Exaggerator
10. Oxygen
11. Good For You
12. Slowly Rising

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