Very Best of Sarah Brightman: 1990-2000

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Sarah Brightman / 世界音乐 / 2001-06-04


莎拉·布莱曼,英国跨界音乐女高音歌唱家、演员,被称为“月光女神”,是继世界三大男高音之后世界乐坛涌现出的另一个天后级人物,与安德烈·波切利(Andrea Bocelli)被称为是跨越古典与流行的标志性艺人。在世界歌坛风行古典流行跨界互相交融的今天,Sarah无疑站在了这个潮流的最前沿。

Very Best of Sarah Brightman: 1990-2000的曲目列表

1. Question of Honour, Pt. 2 [Radio Edit]
2. Heaven Is Here
3. Who Wants to Live Forever
4. Time to Say Goodbye
5. Tu Quieres Volver [Radio Remix Version]
6. Just Show Me How to Love You (Tu Cosa Fai Stasera)
7. Eden
8. Nella Fantasia
9. Deliver Me
10. Only an Ocean Away
11. Scarborough Fair
12. Whiter Shade of Pale [Radio Edit]
13. First of May
14. Captain Nemo [Live]
15. Mer [Live]
16. Last Words You Said

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