Jessie Daniels

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Jessie Daniels / 2006


Debut album features 12 power pop-rock songs, all written by the 18 year old artist. The record lays bare Daniel's soul, addressing life issues like coming of age and finding clarity amidst confusion. Ever true to her faith in God, Daniels also talks honestly about her spiritual journey in a real and revelant way. All of this is wrapped in a fun package with singable melodies and contagious hooks. Jesse Daniels has something honest and unshakable to share with all who listen.

Jessie Daniels的曲目列表

1. The Noise
2. Everyday
3. Hold Me Now
4. Next To You
5. What I Hear
6. Hello-Goodbye
7. Stand Out
8. What Happened To Me
9. Human Being
10. Letting Me Go
11. It's No Wonder
12. Hold Me Now (Remix)

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