Brightblack Morning Light

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Brightblack Morning Light / 2006-06-20


"Haunting", "ethereal", and "oozing with soul" are just a few of the words used to describe the music of these Alabama-Kentucky-to-Northern California transplants. Backed by a crack ensemble, this duo's transcendent brand of super-spooky, carefully crafted music for many moods is the genre-blurring experience of the decade. "Brightblack's free form blues sound transcends marketing, name-dropping, and hustling, taking us for a blindfolded dive into a live river. When you close your eyes, separating yourself from your immediate surroundings, and hear Rabob's (Rachael's) moody keys and experience the slow syrup rhythms of Nabob's (Nathan's) 'Bear Momma' slide guitar, you find yourself lost in an unpretentious, unmaterialistic world" - Soma.

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Everybody Daylight


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