...And Finally

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Scheer / 摇滚 / 2000-05-30


The long-awaited second full length from Scheer! Licensed from 4AD to 482Music for US release, "... and Finally" features more of the honey-voiced Audrey Gallagher floating through and over the band's searing guitars and rhythm stomp. "...and Finally" was recorded at Rockfield Studios (Ash, Stone Roses, Pink Floyd) with producer Cliff Norrell (Henry Rollins, REM, Madonna). The album was released via the internet fan club in January, at retail throughout Europe in April and has received rave reviews from press and long-hungering fans alike.

...And Finally的曲目列表

1. Deadly Serious
2. First Contact
3. Face The Sun
4. 6AM
5. One Forgot
6. Say What You Came To Say
7. Healer
8. Idle Time
9. Mercy
10. Slowly
11. Suffocate
12. Where Were You When The House Burnt Down
13. Secrets And Lies
14. Say The Word

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