The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions

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Pink Floyd / 2004-02


This is an amazing album containing 15 outtakes from the famous sessions
for the Antonioni cult classic.
After recording for several days, only three songs ended up on the official soundtrack.
Over the years several outtakes appeared on dubious and soundwise poor bootlegs.
In 1997 a revised edition of Zabriskie Point was released, including four previously unreleased Floyd takes. But there was more, much more as this release proves.
No less than fifteen outtakes you never heard before in this quality or in any quality!

The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions的曲目列表

1. Rain In The Country (Take One) 6:44
2. The Violent Sequence (Take One) 6:06
3. The Red Queen Theme (Take One) 2:05
4. Fingal`s Cave (Take One) 6:43
5. Theme (Take Two) 1:19
6. Rain In The Country (Take Two) 1:45
7. Love Scene (Take One) 6:44
8. Love Scene (Take Two) 6:37
9. Blues Scene (Take One) 7:11
10. Fingal`s Cave (Take Two) 6:21
11. Love Scene (Take Three) 1:02
12. Love Scene (Take Four) 7:36
13. The Red Queen Theme (Take Two) 5:45
14. Crumbling Land (Take One) 5:01
15. Unknown Song (Take One) 5:54

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