To A Child Dancing In The Wind

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Martyn Bates / Troum / 2006 4 20


In many ways, the career of Martyn Bates has mirrored that of David Sylvian: a transition from an eccentric producer of art pop in Eyeless In Gaza, to a romantic crooner with avant garde sensibilities. Just as Sylvian's work with Christian Fennesz and Derek Bailey added a contemporary sparkle to his voice, Bates' collaboration with German drone specialists Troum seeks to recast his vocal melodramas in a new light. Inspired by the mystical poems of WB Yeats, To A Child Dancing In The Wind pairs bates' elegant tenor falsettos with the snowblind ambience and moonstruck melancholy of Troum's signature drones. Previously Troum have delved into the depths of dark monochromatic rumblings, but here their arrangements are much lighter, recalling the transient atmospheres of this mortal coil.

To A Child Dancing In The Wind的曲目列表

01-mad as the mist and snow 2
02-the arrow
03-the magi
04-i made my song
05-to a child dancing in the wind
06-mad reprise

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